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Teaching the Skills of

Growth Mindset

Some tips and tricks to consider:

  • Persisting
    Stick to it! Persevering in task through to completion; remaining focused. Looking for ways to reach your goal when stuck. Not giving up.
  • Thinking flexibly
    Look at it Another Way! Being able to change perspectives, generate alternatives, consider options.
  • Striving for accuracy
    Check it again! Always doing your best. Setting high standards. Checking and finding ways to improve constantly.
  • Questioning and problem posing
    How do you know? Having a questioning attitude; knowing what data are needed and developing questioning strategies to produce those data. Finding problems to solve.
  • Applying past knowledge to new situations
    Use what you Learn! Accessing prior knowledge; transferring knowledge beyond the situation in which it was learned.
  • Creating, imagining, and innovating
    Try a different way! Generating new and novel ideas, fluency, originality
  • Responding with wonderment and awe
    Have fun figuring it out! Finding the world awesome, mysterious and being intrigued with phenomena and beauty.
  • Taking responsible risks
    Venture out! Being adventuresome; living on the edge of one's competence. Try new things constantly.
  • Finding humor
    Laugh a little! Finding the whimsical, incongruous and unexpected. Being able to laugh at oneself.
  • Thinking interdependently
    Work together! Being able to work in and learn from others in reciprocal situations. Team work.
  • Remaining open to continuous learning
    I have so much more to learn! Having humility and pride when admitting we don't know; resisting complacency.



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