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Some tips and tricks to consider:

  • Make It Meaningful to the Students – Connect activities to previous knowledge and experience, highlight the value of activities in personally relevant ways, and connect the learning to real life.
  • Foster a Student’s Sense of Competence in Themselves – Create activities that are slightly beyond students’ current levels of proficiency, have students demonstrate understanding throughout the activity, show peer coping models and peer mastery models, and include feedback that helps students to make progress.
  • Provide Opportunities for Students to have Autonomy – Nurture a student's sense of control over their behaviors and goals by: welcoming students’ opinions and ideas, using informational, non-controlling language, and giving students the time they need to understand and absorb an activity by themselves.
  • Embrace Collaborative Learning – Ensure that students know how to communicate and behave in a collaborative setting by: having teacher model collaborative behaviors, avoiding homogeneous groups and grouping by ability, assigning different roles, and evaluating both the student and the group performance.
  • Establish Positive Teacher-Student Relationships – Teacher-student relationships can be facilitated by: caring about students’ social and emotional needs, displaying positive attitudes and enthusiasm, increasing one-on-one time with students when possible, treating students fairly, and avoiding deception or promise-breaking.
  • Foster A Student’s Desire to Master a Skill – Encourage a mastery orientation mindset by: framing success in terms of learning rather than performing, and placing the emphasis on individual progress by reducing social comparison and recognizing student improvement and effort. language.If you use language that is not authentic to your identity when building relationships with youth, it can be endearing or it can back fire. Being true to yourself is the best way to build relationships within your community.



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