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Some tips and tricks to consider:

  • Set expectations, not rules. It's more effective to tell youth what you want them to do as opposed to what you don't want them to do.
  • Create opportunities for students AND staff to learn how they learn best. Allow them to complete the following statements: "I focus best when..." and "If I do ____, THEN ...".
  • Create opportunities for students and staff to practice Pausing, Calming, and Visualizing. Create a cool down or peace station in your spaces so youth can choose to shift their attention away from distractions.
  • Create opportunities for students to choose or modify their situations. If a youth is consistently making poor choices during recess or when with certain friends, point that out and give them options to put themselves in better situations.
  • Help students practice controlling their impulses and emotions by acting out skits of situations and allowing them to react without the pressure of a real situation.
  • Change how students think about a situation or a choice. Instead of thinking that homework is a chore, help them realize how great they will feel when it's done and they are prepared for class the next day.


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